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Multiple Meanings
phase — as in:  during the first phase

It is a planned community that will be built in 5 phases.
a period of time or a stage during the development of something
phase — as in:  she’s going through a phase

When I was three, I went through a phase when I had an imaginary friend.
a period of time when someone exhibits unusual behavior — most commonly said of a young person who is going through a stage such as a girl who doesn’t want different types of food to touch on her plate
phase — as in:  phase the change in next year

The increase in electricity rates will be phased in over the next two years.
make a change gradually (... in =gradually added; ... out = gradually removed or stopped)

More specialized and less common senses of the word are found in astronomy, physics, chemistry, and zoology. Consult a comprehensive dictionary if you wish to see those. All senses have to do with stages or periods of time.
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