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Multiple Meanings
perspective — as in:  Look at it from her perspective

A child who was abused with have a different perspective of family life than one raised in a nurturing home.
a particular way of seeing or considering things
perspective — as in:  Keep it in perspective

She loses perspective and continually wants to change the plan in a manner that depends on the most recent complaint.
a sensible view of a situation that considers its different parts in a balanced way
perspective — as in:  perspective in art

When train tracks are drawn with perspective, they appear to come together in the distance.
giving a 2-dimensional picture a 3-dimensional appearance by making parts that are farther away look smaller than things that are close;  or a picture drawn in such a manner
perspective — as in:  a perspective of the entire block

The penthouse window gives a perspective on half the city.
a view — often stressing that the view is different from a view from another location

More specialized and less common senses of the word are found in geometry, sound engineering, and philosophy. Consult a comprehensive dictionary if you wish to see those. All the common senses have to do with the way something is viewed.
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