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Multiple Meanings
delicacy — as in:  eat the delicacy

Chocolate covered ants are a delicacy of Columbia’s Guane Indians.
something that is rare or expensive — usually a prized food
delicacy — as in:  discuss with delicacy

She is admired for her delicacy in negotiations.
care and gentleness — especially speaking or acting with sensitivity and tact
delicacy — as in:  offend her delicacy

My mother does not watch R-rated movies. She says they offend her sense of modesty and delicacy.
fragility — of something that can easily be damaged

(often referring to the fragility of someone’s emotional well being when it is easily distressed by something that is offensive or disturbing)
delicacy — as in:  delicacy of the brushwork

The lacework was done with great delicacy.
pleasant subtlety or fineness
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