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Multiple Meanings
wallow — as in:  wallow happily in the mud

The pigs wallowed in the large mud puddle.
to relax — especially of an animal rolling about in mud or shallow water

or more rarely:  a noun describing the mud puddle or indentation in which an animal relaxes or rolls around
wallow — as in:  wallow in self-pity

Don’t wallow in your sorrows.
to indulge in an emotion or situation

(This is often said of something negative such as self-pity when no attempt is made to move beyond it. But it is also sometimes said without connotation just to indicate that someone has a lot of something such as money or luxury.)
wallow — as in:  a wagon wallowed through the mud

The tractor wallowed through the mud.
to move with difficulty; or perhaps just to move through water or in a rolling/wave-like manner
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