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Multiple Meanings
neutral — as in:  played at a neutral site

Switzerland remained neutral during the Second World War.
not favoring any side in a contest, war, disagreement, or other dispute
neutral — as in:  a carbon-neutral building

All the bathrooms in the dorm are gender neutral.
not affected by; or does not affect
neutral — as in:  decorated in neutral colors

The painting would look best in a room of neutral colors, so it will stand out.
bland (not striking in appearance or impression)
neutral — as in:  Put the car in neutral.

Put the car in neutral and we’ll push it.
gears are not engaged; or (metaphorically) nothing is happening
neutral — less common specialized meanings

Protons have a positive charge. Electrons have a negative charge. Neutrons are neutral.
specialized senses typically mean that something does not belong to either of two other opposite alternatives; such as:
  • chemistry:  not acidic or alkaline
  • physics:  not with a positive charge or with a negative charge
  • electric circuitry:  with no voltage or electrical charge (though that is an informal simplification that would be dangerous if assumed in fact)

See a comprehensive dictionary for other specialized senses.

More rarely, neutral can convey numerous related meanings such as:
  • not to display any distinctive quality or characteristic — such as a neutral color or neutral expression on her face
  • having no electrical charge (neither positive or negative)
  • not being very chemically reactive — neither acid or base
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