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Multiple Meanings
grave — as in:  Her manner was grave.

Her smile disappeared as she suddenly realized the gravity of her situation.
serious and/or solemn

(see word notes for more detailed definitions based on context)

Word forms with other better known meanings:
  • grave — a place where a dead body is buried
  • gravity — in the sense of physics to refer to the force of attraction between all masses in the universe—especially the force that causes things to fall toward the earth

Word forms with lesser known meanings:
  • grave — death (as in "A message from beyond the grave.")
  • grave — of dark color
  • grave accent — in some languages (other than English) a symbol (like a reversed apostrophe) placed over some letters of the alphabet to tell how they are pronounced
  • grave musical direction — in a slow and solemn manner
  • grave — short for engrave—to carve or stamp an impression (sometimes metaphorically)
  • grave — to sculpt with a chisel
  • grave — to clean and coat the bottom of a wooden ship with pitch
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