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Multiple Meanings
divine — as in:  to forgive is divine

Her pies are divine.
wonderful; or god-like or coming from God
divine — as in:  divined from tea leaves

She claims she can divine the future with a crystal ball.
to predict or discover something supernaturally (as if by magic)
divine — as in:  divined through intuition

They are trying to divine the outcome of next year’s election.
to discover something — usually through intuition or reflection

In the time of Shakespeare, divine was sometimes used as a noun to reference a priest or a person of the church. (To remember that sense, think of the clergyman as having come from God).

Divinity typically refers to a god or to a school of religion, but on rare occasions, it refers to the name of a kind of soft white candy. To remember that sense, you might think of it as tasting divine/wonderful.
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