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Multiple Meanings

Our teacher balked at the suggestion of an open-book test.
to refuse to comply

Less common specialized meanings:

Baseball:  an illegal pitching motion while runners are on base

Equestrian:  when a horse refuses to obey a rider — especially when stopping in front of a jump

Billiards:  an area of the billiard table from which opening shots with the cue ball are made

Bowling:  when a bowler stops in mid-swing without releasing the ball

Badminton:  any deceptive movement that disconcerts an opponent before or during the service

Archeology:  a side wall of an excavated partition of earth left standing between adjoining excavation units

Agriculture:  a strip of ground left unplowed as a boundary line between two plowed portions

Architecture:  one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof

Carpentry:  a thick piece of unfinished wood
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