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Cramming for SAT® Vocabulary
The SAT® Test was redesigned and is handling vocabulary differently beginning in the Spring of 2016. With the exception of this paragraph, this page was written for the old test design and the author doesn't yet know how much of it is still true. The page will be updated when the author learns more about the new SAT vocabulary. You can get a quick overview at Studying SAT® Vocabulary or a more in-depth discussion in the paper Relevant Words in Context at the CollegeBoard® website.

Although tests like the SAT® are successfully designed to frustrate vocabulary cramming, some students like to fill their short-term memory with words that are most likely to appear on the test. This may help the highly motivated student to answer an extra question or two correctly; though reviewing the math section is probably a more cost-effective use of time for most students.

For short-term cramming, you might like to review the 100 words most frequently included in vocabulary lists for preparation for the SAT® test. The list is here under the 100 Words by Interest menu. Words are listed in the order by frequency of inclusion in review lists. Words equally likely to appear are shown alphabetically within their group.

Each word is shown with an example of how it might be used. Remember that vocabulary tests sometimes look for an understanding of the second meaning of a word. When a word has multiple common definitions, you will see the word listed for each of them followed by "as in..." to indicate each common usage. Place the mouse over the word to see the definition. When the word has definitions that are less common, but still common enough that we think they're worth noting, the definition will be followed by a note: "click word for less common definitions". Clicking the word will also provide more sample usage and permit you to flag it for later review.

At the bottom of the list, is a link to more ranked SAT words. When you're looking at a word's detail, you can add it to a list of words to review later. Click on Your Review Words at the top of the page to see your review list(s).
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